Reviews for "GTE Happy Hour"

god bless you

yes, you are a great person, i could never blam anything with the reading rainbow soundtrack and banannas in pajamas, yay


I dont know why your blamming this,,its great,,original,,and funny because of its stupidness,,hehehe,,keep it on NG!!!


the voices and music are what counts.. this is hilarious!!

Whats the point ?

Litterally you proven to do something so quick you didnt have the time to cut the sides of the pics you too in. Cmon, we are smarter users than that, thought youdd get three tens in a row. Really make your movies have a point.

It looks like the movie is still here

Well, I don't really have anything to say about the movie, other than it's been almost two years and it still hasn't been banned yet. I guess that your movie will remain in the portal forevor...