Reviews for "GTE Happy Hour"

what the hell were you on when you made this

i want some


Could anything ever be more of a blantant knock-off of the "Good Times" series?

I think not...

god bless you

yes, you are a great person, i could never blam anything with the reading rainbow soundtrack and banannas in pajamas, yay

Whats the point ?

Litterally you proven to do something so quick you didnt have the time to cut the sides of the pics you too in. Cmon, we are smarter users than that, thought youdd get three tens in a row. Really make your movies have a point.


every once in a while, a great piece of entertainment comes along that changes the world forever, great pieces of film such as the godfather, and the Shawshank Redemption come to mind, but today my friends, just this very day, i have seen with my own two eyes, something that far surpasses even the most engrossing piece of cinima... GTE Happy Hour. now most of you may gawk at this statement of mine, but hear this now, if you really delve into the depth of character development, and sheer magnificence of the artist's direction of this piece... you begin to see how genius and revolutionary such a masterpiece can be. so, let me pay my regards to the great man who birthed this creation unto the world, i thank you.