Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"


Although it seems like toss the turtle, Its Still an all around epic game
9001(ITS OVAR 9000!!!!)/10

VERY fun. Don't listen to anyone else.

Addicting, great, challenging. No bugs, probably one of the best catapult games I've played. The music would get 9/10, graphics 9/10, gameplay 10/10, play-again-ness 10/10. TOTAL: 10/10 5/5

best cannon game ever

great game with nice graphics and sound. this game gives every1 what they want a chance to shoot santa out of cannon who could complain

Love it :)

Very interesting. Whats awesome to listen to this while playing is Dont stop me now by Queen XD Fits amazingly :D

A kick-ass game!!!

I enjoy Christmas if Santa flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!