Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"

Another Toss'n'Shoot

One that is very well programmed, may I add. Even though this is Xmas-themed, I'd play it all year long xD Very fun, very snowy, overall just good.


i almost 100% completed the game and i got on there and it says that i have never played it before, i still have the medals, but everything else is gone! if this didn't happen, i would give it a 10/10.


Who made this an 8 year old, theres like a billion spelling mistakes most of the stuff doesn't fit into the Christmas theme and towards the end when you have most of the stuff it just gets boring and repetitive. Nevertheless, still a fairly good game.

Love it :)

Very interesting. Whats awesome to listen to this while playing is Dont stop me now by Queen XD Fits amazingly :D

Great at first

I really like tossing games, so of course I'd like this. There are some things that I felt could be improved or changed.
I don't really get the helicopters. They don't really fit the Christmas theme. Bombs don't either - I liked them mostly for the boost.
You could've gotten a lot more creative on this one. For example, you could've made one of the upgrades Cookies, each upgrade making Santa bigger, allowing him to catch more coins and gifts. The helicopters could've been replaced with toy planes, to make it seem like they're gifts and fit the theme a lot better.
It was enjoyable regardless, although getting the last gift achievement was quite boring as things got repetitive.
It's a good game and I enjoyed playing it when I started, but I'll have to knock off a point for not adding more.