Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"

Nice theme

I like how this resembles an RPG game. You and the creator of "Toss the Turtle" should work together to create what will probably be the most kickass cannon-launch game ever.

-_- but good

overall its a good game but it hard get money for the to more
but like i said good game

great game

i enjoyed this game a lot till it came to collecting all the presents for the last achievement. its a nightmare i got all achievements done and still need more darn presents. you need some kind of upgrade which either makes santa fatter to collect more or an upgrade like the one for money but for presents so you can get more presents for each collected.

overall goooooood game

not very good

boring and i didn't like the controls but the pre-loader looked good


Not bad. There's a fairly wide variety of things to upgrade and a lot of objectives to achieve. The art style was quite nice as well, I especially liked the background art. The cannon upgrades, for the most part, looked really bad ass. "Bazuka", "Cannon", and "Dad Advance" looked really out of place though.

There were several typos that I noticed. The first one I noticed was when you collect coins and on the achievement page it had the dollar sign after the number when it's suppose to be the other way around. The second one I noticed was on the upgrade screen, the very last section has the word Energy spelled incorrectly as "Entergy".

Overall it was an okay game. It could use a few improvements, such as the typos it has, but other than that there's not very many cons. In my opinion it wasn't that fun, but I don't really like toss games.