Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"

Soooo did that really just happen?

Here ya go Santa and heres some cookies and some eggnog. *Gulp, gulp, munch, munch* Feeling a bit woozie Santa? Well just climb on into this cannon shaped bed and take a nap. Lol! Okay, so who could ever of known that Santa could be the worlds greatest Cannon Ball. Santa has taken out a whole helicopter squaddron... =8L Unfortunately he's powered on Holiday cheer and the true meaning of Christmas and lets face it, Christmas is waaaay too commercialized. Stiiiill I brought myself to laugh about 75% of the Time Santa did. It's contageous so what?!? I give it a 7 only because of the laugh. HAHA!

**KILLNAR'S RATING: 7 out of 10**


I was wanting to quit a while ago but wanted the trophies

Good game, but the grammar needs work.

All together, the game is entertaining, but it loks like a third-grader scripted the acheivements. Fix the spelling, and it's pretty good. I do have to deduct points of grammar though.

what the hell

the amount of spelling mistakes are ridiculas and the game has no appeal and i love santy sorry dude harsh but true

A kick-ass game!!!

I enjoy Christmas if Santa flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!