Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"

A truly addictive Christmas Flash distance game!!

I am truly fond of this Christmas Flash distance game for its simple but incredibly addictive gameplay, fantastic graphics and animation, wide range of upgrade elements (e.g. launcher strength, grenades, money multiplier, etc.) and outstanding presentation!

It has everything a good game should have: originality, functionality, presentation and professionalism! Excellent job and Merry Christmas!! I think this would make a great iPhone game!

not bad, but far from great

I was wondering how long it would take for there to be a santa launcher game. there are a lot of upgrades to purchase which is good as it keeps you motivated to play more along with the little achievements. unfortunately, the game itself moves very slowly and some of the more original aspects of this game hold it back. for example, the launch energy bar is far from a bad idea. I actually think it's very refreshing to see a new mechanic being put into these games. but, in this case, it actually hampers the games potential. the starting slow regen rate forces the player to invest in it off the bat considering how it effects your launch strength more than the angle/power clicks. if you take this and then factor in the likelyhood of hitting a polar bear (which doesnt just slow you down but literally stops any chance of further progress on contact) you're going to have to invest a lot of time to get anywhere in this game. these things can be fixed, though, with minor tweaks. I'd honestly say just remove the polar bear obstacle altogether; but the energy issue can be easily fixed by having it start regenerating after you launch. if you happen to have a long flight then you'll get plenty of energy ready for the next launch. just an idea.


Super fun!

nice one

Cool,remainds me of shot the turtle

Very addictive!

Great game, I really like the santa hohoho sounds as he hits helicopters/bombs. Good job!