Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"


It a good game, but the helicopters are just anoying.
Still, its nice that santa gets his presents out of the sky and that he hates snow ;D!

Buggy, badly spelled

There are some major bugs in this game. The first I noticed is that it often fails to register when Santa comes to a stop, which is the equivalent of a freeze. Also, it won't recognize hitting a helicopter at all.

That, and please learn how to spell: "catched" "enought". Come on.


I'm having lots of fun blowing fatty around. LOVE IT!

41 minutes and counting...

Challanging & Fun.

Really enjoyed the game, loved the vocoless version of Jingle Bells especially the drum in the background of the music and I have gotten all the Medals.

Hope you make another fun game the same type as this one in the near future.

very nice

who would throw grenades at santa?