Reviews for "Santa Can Fly"


Awesome game, quick question though, does it ever end on the distance? if not, whats the longest anyones gone, keep it up with the games. Love it all

Lengthy & fun

This was one fun Christmas game you made here and what was really cool about it was it's length & replay value with you having to collect so many things such as money & gifts to collect towards trophies especially that 300 minute mark which took nearly the whole time frame to complete the game throughly,the animation looked great with the Christmas look and the music you would think would be repetitive & annoying after a while but actually it was cheerful & nice to listen to the whole way though if any sound was repetitive & annoying after a while it was Santa's "Hohohos" & the explosions but lucky that you put a volume adjuster for both the music & sound which was very convenient,overall i enjoyed this game for the whole 300 minutes it required to 100% it and i hope you make many more games in the future. :)

Pretty addictive

This is a pretty addictive catapult like game or whatever but i just can't se ewhy anyone would leave all these coins and presents outside

best cannon game ever

great game with nice graphics and sound. this game gives every1 what they want a chance to shoot santa out of cannon who could complain

VERY fun. Don't listen to anyone else.

Addicting, great, challenging. No bugs, probably one of the best catapult games I've played. The music would get 9/10, graphics 9/10, gameplay 10/10, play-again-ness 10/10. TOTAL: 10/10 5/5