Reviews for "The Visitor: Massacre"






the idea from the first game that the creature can absorb the abilities of the creatures it devours is pretty awesomely used here!
good work!

This sounds messed up...

but this is like, the first horror thing where the black guy dies last...great game regardless (not meant to be a racist comment, just an observation).

if there's

"..something swimming around and scaring all the animals..." why are you in there, you stupid blonde twit? wooo I'd have my shot gun, my flame thrower, my beam cannon... my laser screwdriver, my sonic screwdriver, and camp my ass in a corner with a mini fridge and fifty gazillion lights on. DIE YOU LITTE MUTHAFUCKER!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE!! AHAHAHAH

awesome game. I thought it sucked before, but now I get it. heh. creepy, disgusting, disturbing fun...