Reviews for "The Visitor: Massacre"

It is fun in the beginning but it gets boring when it seems like repeating the routine again and again.

Compared to the first two Visitor games, this is pretty lame. The point and clicks had more character, the changes were more intense. In this game? Growing, shrinking, gaining swimming but losing claws. Gaining flight but losing swimming... it goes completely against what the originals were all about, and made it some lame puzzle game where you're constantly going back and forth with abilities and size to get past specific obstacles. No, I'm afraid I'm not too amused by this one, even if they tried to introduce a story as well as characters that have actual dialogue. This seems like a step down.

Oh, I see this wasn't made by the same people who made The Visitor. Good, I'll give it 2.5 stars instead of just 2.

Well, at least the black guy doesn't die first....

It sometimes laged quite a bit but still fun.

Alien invasion! this was so funny, bloody and entertaining.