Reviews for "Eskimos"


I preferred this more than Africa dudes so you all should be quite happy. The scenes were not exaggerated in length and the quality was top notch. I did not have any favourite artists in this animation as for you all did a great job.

Some scenes could have had more time spent into them, but you did not have alot of time so well done.

The voices were great, as well as RicePirates part, the snow storm and the voicing mixed perfectly.

There was nothing else wrong with this flash so there is no need to deduct a point.

Well done and I would love to see another one.


Doesn't matter what they say

This was awesome.

I truly enjoyed watching this.
Loved every single bit. All the drawing styles where amazing. The conversations where lulz.
It had a lot of variation.



AIDS!!!!!! (Eskimo lolz)


eskimo lol over 9000 penguins!!! this has to be the best thing ive seen since afrika dudes plz for he love ofgod make naother one!!!!!

Newgrounds cares

there called in inuits, but THEY'RE DICKS!!!