Reviews for "Eskimos"


dudes, niice workXD JordanD rokked itXD


its fucking watermlon i fuckn hate it and im black


A little boring, but the ending was totally worth it! It defnetly gets better towards the end too. Great work.

acually guy below me...

Fleabag500, maybe u should get YOUR facts right. Eskimo literally means "eater of raw fish" so really, it IS racist to an inuit. just wanted to let u know before u tell people they dont have their facts right.

dumb and boring

The word Eskimo isn't racist and they are not called Inuits. They are both the names of tribes who live around the Arctic. Get your facts right. Also this flash was awful. It wasn't funny at all, just an exscuse to make a sequal to Africa dudes. Just why?