Reviews for "Eskimos"


"..I fish out off that hole!" roflmao

Newgrounds cares

there called in inuits, but THEY'RE DICKS!!!


seriously, you really need to cover up you nipples. ^^

I think this was as good as Afirca dudes.

Which was pretty good, but the only problem is, these kinda seem to drag along.. just two people standing there talking isn't very entertaining, maybe trying some new stuff? Just a suggestion.

"Eskimo" is racist haha

A little boring but it's to be expected because it's so much like Africa Dudes, which was already too long and a little lame. I know you all aren't trying to rip it (Africa Dudes) off but the style is very demanding and this wasn't able to deliver (neither was AD in my opinion). Some of these are funny but a bulk is kind of "augh, please go to the next one."

Still, some good stuff is worth taking from it so yeah :) The end was a nice little bit too~