Reviews for "Eskimos"

Very Quotable

"I was hungry as shit and I have NO respect for you."

"AIDS!! Ha-ha!"

Very entertaining

But the eskimo/inuit thing is actually not true. Some prefer to be called eskimo and find inuit offensive, some the other way 'round. But aside from that, a very good collab.

FrozenFire FTW!!!

I thought you had to wait 22 years before tragedies became funny? Whatever... Good Job people!


AIDS, murder, rape, gore, furfaggotry, scat...

But wait, they're actually called Inuits, "eskimo" ("raw fish eater") is a derogatory term. Not cool guys, not cool. Somebody's gonna feel offended now.

you forgot HotdiggityDemon!

This is like Kenya dudes.... complete without HotdiggetyDemon again.... for shame!

P.S.- it has been over 10 years so yes... AIDS is funny!