Reviews for "Eskimos"

Reminds me of Africa Dudes only ice themed

Cant say i thought it was original but it was ok.

Got +3

For bringing my memories of Mother 3 back:D
Song is called Snowman, from the best linear RPG EVER. MOTHER 3.

only 3 parts made me smirk.

This is obviously an attempt to get on the band wagon of "Africa Dudes" basically, if it was not for that Collab, we would not see this today......
The whole collab itself felt geared towards a youtube based community.

its great but

everything is top notch, but please dont make any more of this

every other posible animation is most suerly funnier than this racial dialogue genre

i find kenya dudes and newgrounds best animators to blame for this, seriously

its enjoyable and i like it but please not anymore


but i gotta say that was really not enjoyable. the music really killed it. Silence and wind coulda worked better. Not only was the music to loud but it was horribly unsuited. Also the art was boring for the most. Also the voices were all badly recorded apart from Jaxxy's. The jokes COULD have been funny if the music hadn't destroyed the mood of them. Sorry to lower the score but gotta speak my feelings. At least you can improve these things for next time!