Reviews for "Eskimos"


Why were they white?


The style of animation, where two characters stand and converse with each other is not a bad idea. The fact that absolutely no one in any of these types of collaborations has a funny bone in their body is the problem. The humor here is bland, a bit childish, and a tad bit racist. What really gets to me is the fact that I see many great artists in this collab, and I love your work, but this is degrading and humiliating to you and anyone who sat here and watched this. Nothing is wrong with 'Africa Dudes', except no one has a sense of good humor. I'm getting the same thing from this. Sorry, but even though the animation was good, the humor or lack thereof, takes away all stars for you.

I rofl'd.

Funny Eskimos, Teehee.

Like Africa Dudes but...

less funnier. And the Music sucks.


It was pretty good all around, but only a few of them made me laugh... The animation was lacking in some areas and some of the jokes werent that great. Also the sound was lacking in some areas. Overall pretty decent.