Reviews for "Eskimos"


It seems you were trying to go for a parody of "Africa Dudes". I can also see you mentioned that in the description, nice. Anyways, good job I just liked "Afica Dudes" better but overall not to bad.

MOAR 3:<

I want more lol.


Hilarious flash, I'm black and I still found the last part really funny and in good taste lmao (: Racism is humorous once you stay within the boundaries!!! Good work


Just the situations these guys were in, especially the guy who was outside in those clothes, was pretty damn funny. I had a little smirk about it and the douche who got his girlfriend to come over was even funnier. Animations were done well and the humor was executed very well. Well done guys.


It was so ahmazing, that when it ended, I felt like it was way too early. :P