Reviews for "Eskimos"


Not quite Africa Dudes, but almost good enough. I would like to see more thought put into future work. I did find some of it funny though. Nice job.


why would you make another one of these damn things? Atleast Africa Dudes gave you medals for having to watch it. I couldnt even sit through this one.


1 point 4 trying ...africans was boring why repeat it with eskmos

I'm a close tribe to the eskimo's and.....

Theres no penguins here D:

the conversations werent good

they weren't entertaining, and if you wer etrying to make the humor where it really isn't even funny its just supposed to waste time, it was weaboo and horribly overdone
Africa dudes did good at this because the people in that animation actually make genuinely unique conversations and this is just people who sat for two minutes to make up an idea of a conversation.
it was just plain retarded and not thought out enough and waste of time
only weaboos vote 10 for this and if you dont beleive me read the comments, im sure they sound weaboo enough
I:< merry christmas bland people