Reviews for "Christmas Defenders"

Awesome Uncle

Very sweet and quite fun. A wonderful gift. My uncle certainly never gave me anything this awesome.

What a nice christmas present.

It was nice of you to do that. the game was indeed fairly simple. I also like the ending... You deserve cookies... 10/10. Your neices and nephews will love it

wow that was brilliant

what a very very fun game. It really made me feel the christmas spirit. I just wanna go up to kids n tellem santa isn real and piss on hobos and laugh at poor kids when they get no presents tellin them they wer naughty this year and that noone loves them. I had trouble at the start of this keeping up with the scrolling text. If im a 55 year old perv and can't keep up with the text how will the kids you made it for keep up. I thought this was a good level of diffuculty to be fun but not to hard.


This is unbelievably cute and surprisingly well made, I hope your nephews and nieces are touched by this.