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Reviews for "Super Mario Claus"

The Master Rater

Honestly, I loved it. The length was my only complaint and it should have at least gave Luigi more than that. I expected an epic snowball fight or at least to have Luigi throw one. But I do love the mario shorts you do. And electricstar, your voices are fantastic when doing this. You give off the perfect voices that would honestly make them sound just about right. I remember those old mario cartoons where they sounded like they were from Brooklyn. Granted they were supposed to but that doesn't suit them. Your voice does. I hope to see more shorts from you with your good choice of music, good voices, and good animation in general, as well as hilarious humor.

JosephAS1 responds:

Wow, thanks :)


I love this! Did anybody see the pengine beside the rock?


Hilarious! I'd like to see what you would do for Halloween!

Not bad

Graphics were top notch, but the concept was mediocre. Also, there was no point in calling him Mario Claus.

JosephAS1 responds:

he has Santa's hat :3

Short, but funny XD

Mario's voice was really cool, and animation was pretty well done too. :)