Reviews for "Super Mario Claus"


i wouldve given it a 10 if it wasnt so short. it wasnt really funny to me,it was just a display of really good voice acting,wich isnt bad but yea, not that good.

A funny little short for the holidays indeed

Thanks for letting me voice in this, your animation skills show how talented you are in this department

one little issue that probably can be fixed quickly, the first second of marios line is cut off, so it sound like "-ry christmas..."

is that fixable?

JosephAS1 responds:

In fact my friend, I tried to fix that, but somehow... I can't, I don't know why :/

i'm pretty sure...

OUCH! think mario won that round XD that's definately good for a laugh


This was brilliant. It was short, but direct! And hilarious. I really loved it. And perfect voice acting...! Great Italian accent and sound effects! Have a great christmas too! Here's a present from me to you...
5/5 VOTE!

JosephAS1 responds:

Thanks xD

Short and cute, i like it

And also that is some GREAT voice acting!