Reviews for "Ghastle Hassle"

I really like this lol

Though I have no idea why since I suck at it and cant get past the halfway point XD Still, great stuff lol

Veinom responds:

Probably because you are GIR!
(and you never made any sense!) :P

What I like is..

The music, I was moving my lil red dude too the beat

i really love it!!!

hint:if you have something like 1,337 points,stay on left down corner and wait until 2,500,then you win.
i love ending music...

Veinom responds:

haha! thanks for busting it! and thanks for the 10!


Awesome game! But after 1400 its IMPOSSIBLE!

Veinom responds:

you made it to 1400 and you didnt win? weird!
u were soooo close! :D

very fun

very fun but at 1000 it starts to get hard