Reviews for "Ghastle Hassle"

What I like is..

The music, I was moving my lil red dude too the beat

I really like this lol

Though I have no idea why since I suck at it and cant get past the halfway point XD Still, great stuff lol

Veinom responds:

Probably because you are GIR!
(and you never made any sense!) :P

This was... ummm

thhis was pretty good but needed a little more to support it

Review Summary

Well it was amazingly simple, but it was nicely drawn and animated and had good music. It started off super easy but then got stupidly hard. Really needs a lot more to it than what it is for me to call it a good game. But I can say that it was not a bad game.

Not bad

Gets crazy fast and insane. Compared to many other avoiders this is up there. Badges are a plus too.