Reviews for "Ghastle Hassle"


What in the HELL is it with you game designers and lightning fast speed for games like this?

It's annoying NOT fun.

Veinom responds:

im just the animator, and the game actually ends after you survive the fast wave at 2500pts

Nice game

But there is a rather nasty audio glitch/bug or something in the end section after you die and it goes to the play again screen I was typing out the review and after a little bit it went all high garbled and I had to hit the mute button to save my ears from the noise. When I went back up to the game there is a small transparent square under the red guy that flashes up and down the length of the red guy in different size squares to long rectangles boxes.

Veinom responds:

hmmm thats weird, It never happened to me or eric (he messed with the programming).
maybe it was one time thing or your explorer failed or something

needs improvement

it would be better if you could like fight back or have more of a point to it


Nice simple game

Funny short game

Ok, i figured out how to win the game (ha ha) !
Overall, it's a funny little game. This not-serious-dark-world is well drawn, such as the characters which suit well to this nice background, and the contrasting and flashy colors are perfect (particularly for this kind of game). The idea of making your little red guy disappear entirely but his eyes is amusing, and i also liked the small cartoonish "eye-animation" when you're hit. Finally I had pleasure to bring him to the exit (is that an exit ? a race ? let's say to the end).

Though, it definitely has got a limitated interest. Originality isn't this flash's first virtue. I guess it can't be enjoyable more than 5 minutes.
Obviously, it was not the aim, so finally, for a first game, it's rather a success. Nice.

Veinom responds:

Thank you very much for your detailed and honest review :)
This game is fairly simple but surely it's the first of many. Having music, sfx, an ending, putting it all together was very rewarding. Even if the game is not serious, I like to think that it shows how serious I can be when I do graphics and concepts.
It's a big step for me, since I wanted to make games for 15 years. I started many games but sadly I always had to abandon them for various reasons. So this is a landmark for me!
Im glad you like the graphics, I was told the ghosts and the background dont really fit together. Thanks again for the possitive feedback!