Reviews for "Ghastle Hassle"


Awesome game! But after 1400 its IMPOSSIBLE!

Veinom responds:

you made it to 1400 and you didnt win? weird!
u were soooo close! :D

i really love it!!!

hint:if you have something like 1,337 points,stay on left down corner and wait until 2,500,then you win.
i love ending music...

Veinom responds:

haha! thanks for busting it! and thanks for the 10!


I have pressed the button "start", then I left in a toilet. And when I have returned to the computer have seen - you have won).

Veinom responds:

toilet FTW!
(and I told the programmer to fix that!)

There's a glitch

Great game, but there's a glitch where the music goes berserk after you die.

Awesome but

Awesome but theres only one problem after you get 1110 points it goes fast like shit!!

Veinom responds:

yes yes, and if you survive until 1500 you win :)