Reviews for "Ghastle Hassle"


Only 3. It could be an ok game, but there are two things that was irritating
1) after 900 points, it's not really about skills and reflexes, but more about a luck, and winning or loseing is really random
2) this music in my opinion is just bad (some kind of trance/techno sh*t, just doesn't like it). Well, it's only my opinion, so fine, there are people who would be taken to haeven just by listening, but why, OH WHY there is no mute option ? Can't even launch my own music from winamp.

Veinom responds:

strict but fair. im surprised you didnt mention tha there arent many levels in it. its a short mini game nothing else.

Great art!

This was a very cool idea just not enough for me to complete the first level though.
Very good job!


Good game.... But I glitched it! I stayed at the game over screen for a while and it gave me the win medal. :P HAHAHA. Thats why the score was so high and why you got a 5/5! 9/10 for review though.... :P

Simple , fun and challenging

This was good , great animation , music and sound effects . Simple avoid game with a good challange . Excellent work !

very fun

very fun but at 1000 it starts to get hard