Reviews for "Ghastle Hassle"

Trash game, the enemies become absurdly fast but after 1500 they are so fast they won't even touch the player.

Way to go, "dev".

That was some fun! I usually don't like games in which I just have to avoid hitting something, but I really had some fun! I really like the style of this! :D

Fun game.... the game went kinda "nuts" though when I beat it. Upon beating the game the audio music became so loud that it was being severely distorted on my speakers.

However.... very fun little addictive game. ^.^

Good almost fun game if you make it past the near-certain death in the early thousands you will most likely die when the enemies are going so fast they seem to be teleporting!

Veinom responds:

if you survive that and reach 1500, you win ^_^

Pretty hard.... Should try it agaim when I'm antiseptic...