Reviews for "On The Moon (Episode 21)"


he needs five floors for SERIOUSE BIESNOUSE

sorry for my speeling i'm like realy tierd

its good they made another x-mas vid.....

merry Tuseday

Yet again...

Loved it. Just like the others, funny and abstract. Saw the Tron Bit character. Liked the "Non-stationary" cupboard.

But the special Tuesday episode didn't have much to do with Tuesday. Why?


Great flash and all...but I can't find the Tron character :C

Merry Tuesday!

Wow, the fact that you included Bit from Tron in there as well was such a nice touch. I've got to say, I love the Toast KIng and Insanity Prawn Boy, even for their masses of faults.

Still, that aside, I think that they really do get well together and I must ask who it was that the Toast King was enjoying some time in the stationary cupboard with. Was she going to spread him with Marmite, or is that just too kinky for his Toastness?

NASA at least have managed to send a probe to visit the moon and they have found Martinis on there, but the problem being that now, they may have stumbled upon a massive mountain of Shrimp-based fertiliser. This could provoke an invasion by Earth. How on earth (or the moon, in this case) would the Toast King cope with an invasion?! This calls for a flashback scene to 1969, showing us how he coped with it, I feel.

What do you think, Jonty? Or am I going to have to pester you about this at the August meet?

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TheWeebl responds:

We prefer to come up with our own ideas I'm afraid. Also giving plot suggestions isn't reviewing.


have a Merry Tuesday