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Dude this is funny.

Man this is really funny, I hope you make more



Classic stuff

Firstly, I loved the stamps and I'd pay decent enough money for a "first day" cover of those things - Getting the little things right has always been your strength, particularly in flash where there isn't all that much detail, you still come through with some crucial observations that others haven't made. The car that flew across in the background is another nice feature here and I can't for the life of me work out where that was from, possibly because I was spending too much time to listening to the rest of the plot.

When it came to the NASA scientist, did you use some sort of software to slow your voice down a little? It seemed odd and I know that you do your own voices. The accent was fine, it just sounded a little strange when I listened to it, truth be told.

Once again, some great animation and a top-class piece that you've submitted to Newgrounds. I'll have to stop by and check out more of your stuff over the Xmas break. The sheer work that must go into making one of the more successful flash series on the internet today is phenomenal, surely, so I really do appreciate that the product that comes out as the final submission is really worth every single second that you pour into these projects.

I think I've said before about getting into your mind, but as that might be a disaster, without prior training, I think that seeing the finished processes that come out from your brain are a much better (and safer idea)

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muy bueno xd

muy beno felicidades sige asi adsdas