Reviews for "Zanta Claws III"


I like how the animation has aproved in the years

Great as always!

A great work that greatly impressed me. I always knew your wok was great, funny and entertaining but this one was beyond of what I expected. The great graphics, great storyline, great jokes and great soundtrack made this flash perfect for this year Christmas! I enjoyed this movie and I proudly say that I never met someone as talented at this age. I am just so sad that Tord leaved Eddsworld and couldn't be in this great flash...
Anyway, this great work of yours deserves a great score! You get a 10/10 rating and a 5/5 vote from me! Thank you for doing this for Newgrounds, for us!

P.S. : Happy new year everyone!



well played

that was some awesome rapping

Hell yeah! ^^

God I just love your movies! I've watched all of them and keep waiting for more! XD

Btw, when is the next "Hammer and Fail" comming?
Plz respond =)