Reviews for "Zanta Claws III"

holy poptarts in a pencil sharpener!!

you've done it again, edd! oh, and do you think tord could return? who's gonna be the next eddsworld xmas villain? :3


Now this is really good. You kept me entertained the whole time.
I liked all of it especially the music part.
keep up the good work.




i was dying! i love the creativity and the rap was unexpected but i loved it
niceeeeeee :)
my mom is real pissed off at me now cuz i was telling her to shut up while i was watching this
......i think she said something about having to clean the dishes....

Eddsworld always goes on top

Eddsworld is always going over the top, you probly don't care about what I have to say since I'm just a nobody, I love the vids and they always bow my mind ^^