Reviews for "Zanta Claws III"

the soundtrack

is why you get this 10!

this flash was amazing!

Oh, Matt

It was interesting to see a "conclusion" to this series. I was really waiting for this because last year I was disappointed you did not make a Zanta Claws cartoon. There were some things that I found strange, so why is it that Todd was all bandaged up when Zanta was completely unharmed? The funniest part was probably when he just threw Zanta out of the sleigh. I kind of thought this was one of the lesser entries in the series, but still good. I am glad I managed to see this as myself and my family celebrate Christmas, so have a merry one too!


No subtitles?


i wuv joo

Why does he hate christmas?

Was that ever explained?
As usual, hilarious writing, good animating, and excellent voice acting.