Reviews for "Detious - Golden Haze (Prev)"

Woah, Amazing job bro! You basically completed the song with that insane drop. Everything was downright perfect!

PROPER job, mate.

First off, go Riggz for literally popping the review cherry soon as you submitted this xD

Second, You brought the muhfuxkin WOBBLE bro, thank you ^_^ lol.

Just as you said, it could be better with mastering and such but a def good job with the handicapped factor of your equipment and taking your first steps. I knew I added you to my favs for a reason :P

I look forwards to your future submissions and I can't wait to see how you grow while undertaking your dubstep journey my friend. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna set this on repeat for a little bit ^_^

Kudos my friend! 5/5

In Dub We Step My Friend, Until We Meet Again
-Riggz Rukus

DetiousMusic responds:

Damn, it felt good too. xD

Aww I'm flattered :D
Thank you veeeerry much! I got reaaaally lucky with the drop at parts cause I had just the right synths ;D And as always I'll go back and fine tune and possibly try to master? :/ We'll see!
Thank you again. :)