Reviews for "Deadly Space Action #4"

this is simply

Incredible. I dare say I love this series.
I don't know if it would be considered selling out but, why isn't this on TV?
Maybe with some VA variation, it could be. (sorry if I'm repeating someone else or whatever)



Really good but...

Why not collab with some voice actors? Your main voice isn't bad but when your voicing many guys and you have to try to make it sound different it just gets cringe-worthy, like with the green skinned guy. Plus it's really obvious that one person is voicing everyone. There are good VA's on Newgrounds, why not let some voice the other characters? Anyways, everything else is really good, just like all your other work. Art, animation, story, and humor are all good - excellent, just wish you would get some other VA's for this series, it would make this just as good as any toon on Nickelodeon.

nice gift

well really nice gift :) oh and btw - awesome animation , big potential and looks professional ( in my opinion )

I dreamed...

of the day that you'd return to making Flash series.

You better not disappear again :(