Reviews for "Deadly Space Action #4"

finally a decently made flash.

4/5 : 8/10
Audio 9/10
Animation: 8/10
Plot 8/10

Sound quality was up there but a little more diversity in the voice acting would have been a nice addition, But you did well considering you did it all yourself.

Animation style is very 'Nickalodian-esque' but it worked well and was impressive.
Plot wise, it was a little bit dull here and there but in the end you did a good job.
that final joke at the end "Your fired" was by far the funniest part.

All in all, you did an excellent job for a solo Animator and managed to keep the quality going without any changes throughout the animation.
This is definitely up there and it does deserve the front page.


HA! your attack misses!


This was really funny! I love how the way the girl just start kicking ass xD Lol. Keep up the good work!

Love the shield installation scene

Best one yet :D Keep up the great work and barrage of nerd jokes. I feel so understood lol. On a more review-ish note, I don't know your current situation in terms of life, but different voice actors would be pretty cool. But uh... I don't even have a single animation up yet so.. you're doin' better than me, champ.


Love it :D ! Oh and SURPRISE ... Your fired