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Reviews for "On The Moon (Episode 18)"

Janus ?


Love it

It's another great episode by you man! I don't know how you do it but you always know how to keep the series fresh and interesting, my bet is that it takes a while to produce and write which i like, because if you want the best episodes you have to take your time on it! :)

Class !

Quite a good laugh for us astronomer types.

Poor Charon

This was a really funny cartoon because you really knew how to play off science. While I am no astronomer, I am fairly sure that every moon you named is in fact a real moon. Pluto is no longer considered a moon, so I even wonder what it is considered now? It was weird for Toast King to make himself as "Moon" which is also strange in real life. The animation was as great as ever, especially with how the eyes are drawn. The bagel was probably the character who was the funniest to watch.