Reviews for "Fireworks, BOOM! (fixed)"

it nice but

it crashed my Mac! i've never had a Mac crash before! and yeah you need to find the bug behind the balls touching(lol)

No idea what the controls are, if there even are any, and it could desperately do with a quality control switch or something. Maybe if you made it low quality by default then it wouldn't crash? or maybe it's got conflicting code when it gets to a certain point?

2/5 because you're trying!!! (Lots of people here don't. *coughclockscough*)

still needs fixing

yep your right about computers still crashing, also you need to add some other effects like sound or maybe a reason for the game to be played. otherwise it looks just like a screen saver thing.

Makes internet explorer freeze

Whenever I press N to play it my internet freezes up. Also, the title screen needs a lot of work and I'm not sure what you're supposed to be doing with this. Though it may be that my computer is just old.

give up?

this game is probably going to be doomed to crash, try one more time maybe, if it still crashes the browsers, give up on it an make a different game.