Reviews for "Snakebite"

good game but...

i did encounter a glitch that affected me not completing the game in one sitting during the fight with the final boss. as soon as i done my special attack the snake did the move where he wraps his tail around you then throw you. what happened was an infinite loop of grabbing, throwing that continued well after i had no life remaining.

apart from that though i really enjoyed this game.

YoinK responds:

oh hmm.. i'll have to fix this bug. thank you for spotting it for me. :)

Excellent game!!

Medals are excellent when they are in games like this!!!


this game very witty in a comical way
the music was good
and I also enjoyed the art work


Hey awesome game man! Just noticed it lol XD

YoinK responds:

thanks! one of your songs was used for a boss fight. :)


Mad classic Kellz w/his one-liners and comments bout Kate Gosslin. Woulda liked to see a finishing move of Snakebite rippin a boss' brain out their anus. Well done, had fun.