Reviews for "Snakebite"


Yep the game is nice, but the hardest boss is actually the scientist who turned into a python, I tried to beat it but I lose a lot of times. Yeah Richard Cunt's voice sound a little gay(and also the announcer's voice).

Yet I rated 5/5 because of its awesomeness even I can stand this M-rated game! More power though.

YoinK responds:

The final boss should always be the toughest in most games.. last time i checked.
Richard Cunt's voice was done by a gay dude.
I'm glad you liked the game!

3a5y 9AM3

This game is simple and fun.

Nice game

I kept thinking it was too hard and almost gave up but I said fuck it if I have to dodge this god damn python a million times I'm gonna fucking beat it. Lolol fun game!

YoinK responds:

use your special attack

"Lets fuckin' Jett Jackson there right now!" LOL This game is tooooo epic for words. The last fight was a bit tough I guess, but I beat him on the 2nd try. Good job on this! 5/5

So frigging hilarious!!!