Reviews for "Snakebite"

There's effort but...

High school grade humor in a high school setting. Juvenile and full of your friends who wanted to come off as funny and witty, but to anyone who thinks MTV and the like is crap, it comes off as childish. I'd really have preferred not to have listened to whoever they were while going through the halls.

You've clearly shown that you can properly work flash, so compared to a good majority of newgrounds, you're doing good. You have acres to improve in all sectors though.

YoinK responds:

well this game i wanted it to be rather outrageous. Insanely outrageous lines helps make this game feel less boring. Can this game be related to reality? maybe... but probably not. I would say you were right about it being an effort towards humor.

My skills aren't the absolute greatest. But this was definitely a learning experience. I've never created an adventure game quite like this that had fighting involved as well.

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions and hope to create something someday closer to your liking.

This game is equivalent to garbage telling jokes. It is funny but not enough to save it from the incinerator.

People often vote high for funny stuff. They often forget that humour is a small thing compared to art, sound, gameplay and overall experience. I will *not* commit that mistake.

Sure, this game is funny (for adults) and voice acting (plus music) is good. And that's it. That's enough for a star.

The rest is either subpar (story), bad (graphics), or outright terrible (general mechanics, mostly THE BOSS FIGHTS).

Why story is subpar? Because everything is completely pointless.

Why graphics are bad? You really don't see it, do you? Exactly my point.

Why game mechanics are terrible? Mainly, the boss fights are, because they are nothing more than "mash A then use special and jump to heavens to avoid being crushed". Hitboxes are ludicrous.

Overall, a bad experience, only went to the end of it out of curiosity and medal hunting

last boss is impossible

Seriously. Not fun game.