Reviews for "Snakebite"


My review is above MindChamber's! :O!

Oh, ok, on to the review. It was kind of like Pico's school, well at least the school part. Some parts didn't make sense (the spying neighbor and the... I won't ruin it) but at least it wasn't too hard to figure out.

The game was really short, like Pico's School, but it was enjoyable. The boss fights were easy, although it was mostly figure out the pattern and keep hitting until they're dead. Would've been more challenging if they had some other attack after they were taken down to half their health or something. Also, sometimes the hits wouldn't register; even if you stood close enough, some hits wouldn't get them (2nd and 3rd boss fights, not the fight with Richard. And actually I noticed it was more the charged hits that missed more often).

The graphics were kinda bad, but that didn't take from the game. If you make a sequel make it longer, and with more clarity on some of the voices (or subtitles for the "Hearing impaired" >_>)


This was a pretty good game to play and it is especially great to see someone as revered as Yoink work on it! I of course appreciate the efforts of all the other people who worked on this. The best part was how it was easy to get the medal about taking a crap and then you could just go around and crap all you wanted everywhere. The animation is really silly, especially with how Snakebite. There was apparently some trouble, as the advertisement's audio kept going into the game. Speaking of audio, the sound was good and it seemed to fit the mood of the game pretty well.

YoinK responds:

there's more to the game than just taking a shit. lol but glad you liked it.

Excellent Overall Game:-)

And I couldn't stop laughing when you meet and fight Richard Cunt. Lord helps the guy who get's THAT name lol.

Fght scene's were a bit difficult but passable. Beat the final boss on my first try although he pretty whipped my ass the first half of the fight and I lost at least once on the other two fights.

Funny dialogue given to the characters, could have probably done better on their body drawings though so keep that in mind.

Music and voicing were perfectly clear and coded so excellent work on that.

So really all you would need to improve on is the artwork and by a bit not much. I can tell that with the head drawings. Also improve a little on the background and you should be all set. Overall it's an excellent game and if you ever make another one or have one in mind then I look forward to playing it, so long as you put Medals though.

Not perfect, but it's a good game.

Wow, pretty cool!
I love the medals, and the gameplay is great.
Although I don't especially care for the graphics.
But this game definitely isn't perfect, so you may not give it a perfect score.
The drawings are a little, well, not really great. It could use some work.
And is it a Pico's School reference when you're in the school. Because it looks exactly like it although with a different graphics style.

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