Reviews for "Snakebite"


simple but very very fun, great game.

Nice game!

Pretty funny game!

YoinK responds:

thanks :)


amazing game and doctor sounds like otacon!!!!!! :3 listen to it closely lolz love the game man finally a good puzzle like scroller again like picos school i give it a full 10 wich i dont ussually do mostly cuz of the doctors funny voice


When I pressed the play button,I thought like"Wow,YoinK's getting greater at making games",then later I got into a pillow fight just by making somebody angry.
There are parts where I got stuck...(for a while,of course)

I don't really want to review about more parts(because I am lazy and I don't wanna this review become a walkthrough instead)This might be not necseseary(lol bad spelling there),but I thought it would be better with subtitles.
Did I said that the last boss rocked?being the only part that I had to retrt as many as 3 times....That's it.


In 2nd and 3rd fight, You can Jump by pressing up key

YoinK responds:

very good tip indeed.