Reviews for "Snakebite"


simple but very very fun, great game.


very good

Secret Medals and SPOILERS

RoomWrecker-Knock the guy back into everybreakable item during the pillow fight

BeerBuyer-Get a bag of shit by shitting and then getting the paper bag then give this to the guy with binoculars and now you have a fake ID now give the skateboard kid the wrench and he will drop lube now give lube to Miss Luvpecker and defeat the vagina a monster then you will get money and then you go to beer store (far right of map) and buy beer

really cool game

this game is epic but it's too easy. i finished it in about 7 or 9 mins without dying once.

YoinK responds:

really? some people say it's too difficult. lol i'm sorry bro.

loved it!!

but there a bug here .
when you lose with the snack man , you are returning to the flower level .

YoinK responds:

oh shiiiittt... i need to fix that... sorry dude.