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Reviews for "Snakebite"


lol vs vigaina monster


Mad classic Kellz w/his one-liners and comments bout Kate Gosslin. Woulda liked to see a finishing move of Snakebite rippin a boss' brain out their anus. Well done, had fun.


amazing game and doctor sounds like otacon!!!!!! :3 listen to it closely lolz love the game man finally a good puzzle like scroller again like picos school i give it a full 10 wich i dont ussually do mostly cuz of the doctors funny voice

Fun and entertaining

Fun game, here the {GRAPHICS} could be touched up and some of the characters limbs could have more smoother animation like when they are walking you could have more animation with joints aswell, I love that you put medals into this makes it much more fun to play, and seems like its an easy game not hard at all, thats good for me hehe, but anyways, The game is fun and reminds me alot of the old pico game, the art detail is pretty good i thought, like doors and shades here and there, some other areas not that important but would show more of a detailed world, like the {GRASS} it was just green maybe some wavy grass for more of an effect, just an idea though, anyways great game love the addition of medals aswell.

improved animation, on how they walk and stuff, some other detail effects here and there wouldnt hurt, like i mentioned above with the grass, that was just an example of areas that could be somewhat detailed abit better.

Fun game by yoink


YoinK responds:

if it is such an easy game... then how come you didn't beat the first of three boss fights? hmmm?

Nice game!

Pretty funny game!

YoinK responds:

thanks :)