Reviews for "Snakebite"

Is that Bill Clinton?

As the mad scientist?

YoinK responds:

um.. Senator Richard Blumenthal look-a-like.


i collected all medals :D

YoinK responds:

it sure does

Great quest but awful fighting

The plot is funny. Graphics are not so good but funny too. Idea of just clicking on the right thing in the right location makes this game very easy. And terrible hitboxes make fights hard.


Famous Stars and Straps :DDDD !!

Great Game by the way!
So much fun playin' it.

YoinK responds:

Famous!!! glad you liked it.


horrid horrid body animation and art, they all look like bobble heads. good voice acting, and mouth movements, its just, like u didnt even try on the bodies, at all, its quite bad... with a little bit more effort, this could be a very good game.

fun a little bit buggy, but very entertaining