Reviews for "Snakebite"


For those you say that the last boss is impossible...think again
are they going to make this game if the boss is undefeatable?...
yes the boss is very hard to defeat but...
its not very easy yet not impossible
it's a fun game...i enjoy the scientist laughing

Not perfect, but it's a good game.

Wow, pretty cool!
I love the medals, and the gameplay is great.
Although I don't especially care for the graphics.
But this game definitely isn't perfect, so you may not give it a perfect score.
The drawings are a little, well, not really great. It could use some work.
And is it a Pico's School reference when you're in the school. Because it looks exactly like it although with a different graphics style.


Good game, the scientist looks like a pedophile though

YoinK responds:

he resembles Senator Richard Blumenthal.

last boss is impossible

Seriously. Not fun game.


Awesome shit!! I beat it the first day I found out about it!