Reviews for "Snakebite"

Normally i dont like point and click adventures, becouse its always clicking all things in inventory on hotspots. But here is different, becouse its not meny things and are arcade fights.

This game is equivalent to garbage telling jokes. It is funny but not enough to save it from the incinerator.

People often vote high for funny stuff. They often forget that humour is a small thing compared to art, sound, gameplay and overall experience. I will *not* commit that mistake.

Sure, this game is funny (for adults) and voice acting (plus music) is good. And that's it. That's enough for a star.

The rest is either subpar (story), bad (graphics), or outright terrible (general mechanics, mostly THE BOSS FIGHTS).

Why story is subpar? Because everything is completely pointless.

Why graphics are bad? You really don't see it, do you? Exactly my point.

Why game mechanics are terrible? Mainly, the boss fights are, because they are nothing more than "mash A then use special and jump to heavens to avoid being crushed". Hitboxes are ludicrous.

Overall, a bad experience, only went to the end of it out of curiosity and medal hunting

This game is sick and fun!^^

nice, but why is snakebite the mma guy's bitch

So frigging hilarious!!!