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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"


10/10 i hit over 30,000 feet on my first try!!!!!!

Nice man

just as good as the first one!

good game

i found a glitch: with laaach, when you buy then ammo belt, when youre in youre aiming position, you have it. but when you go to the running-after-the-flying-geek, you have the magnetophone O.O

guud gaem lolz hi jus wan u tho maek anoter 1 plz lolz !!1!1!!


good job


Easily one of the best on newgrounds i love all bezerk studio's work and i hope you guys keep it up! Buy the gold ring early on and i know its a huge stat drop but early on in the game when its luck if you hit the geek 1000 feet the plaster is SO worth it. Can't wait for the sequel and until then i guess i'll just have to smash a milllion feet over and over!