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Reviews for "Berzerk Ball"

Oh Yeah!!

Adding the chick just made this the manliest game ever!!


A chick to bop nerds!!

Not A Bad Game :D

and SIX-Vi-06 Your a Shit for brains yourself dont insult ppl just cuz they put zero they have every right to noobs like you just waste ur rant's =D.


I love this game.
Was about to pack up when i accidently got lucky and hit the geek 250k and unlocked a new char, packed up and rolled a new geek toss rofl.


A very entertaining take on an NG classic.

A somewhat simpler version of Toss The Turtle - but you guys have done a great job on implementing smooth and fun mechanics that make it fun and to some degree challenging - and the great thing is that the challenges are as the player chooses - we can decide "I want to make it go 5,000,000 feet to Narnia" or "I wanna send it 40,000 feet to another galaxy". While I say 'simpler' - there is as much stuff to do and get, it's just a bit more... shall I say: 'streamlined'.

Very well made - Unlockables are worth achieving, great artwork and generally the whole thing instills a hint of that menacing fun you would have when you pick up your first chainsaw, axe and rocket launcher and take it to the nearest national park.

Just a comment on the shit-for-brains idiots who are rating this '0' because it wont work on their computer. Fix your fucking computer first, update your flash player and quit wasting everyone's time; there are obviously people giving this game good reviews because it's working - so go home, switch on your fucking brain and figure out whats so different about your computer that's making it not work. It's your problem, not the makers of this game; goddamn some of you guys are so fucking selfish the first thing you think is everything is wrong with everyone else and there's never anything wrong on your side.

Learn from this lesson and you might actually become better people.

Oh, and while I was writing this, my geek traveled 1,157,759 on its own (well, after I did 5 extra power smashes on it). Oh and also, Denize is hot (for an animated character, I know :P)- I'm glad you put her in :D